In 1982 while an art student majoring in painting and drawing at UCLA Robert joined the post-punk industrial band Savage Republic as the band was nearing completion of their first vinyl LP Tragic Figures. He recorded on two tracks for this 1983 release and soon began touring and playing keyboards and bass with them. Also in 1983 Robert was a founding member of the spin-off band 17 Pygmies, who released their first EP Hatikva that year. In 1984 during the recordings of the next Savage Republic LP the band split up and 6 of their songs were released on the first 17 Pygmies LP Jedda By The Sea. On this release he played monotone guitar, mandolin, piano, harmonica and keyboards. Throughout the 1980's Rob toured with later incarnations of Savage Republic and recorded on the 1986 Ceremonial LP. He also recorded, designed and co-produced other LPs with 17 Pygmies and recorded with the band Paniolo.

In 1987-8 as the group 17 Pygmies were working on the LP Welcome Robert began composing music for dance and theater performances (Theater Carnival), which was reflected in the album's partially spoken word aspects and Grand Guignol flavor. Also in 1987 he began professionally engineering sound full time for live music (at the night club Largo) and theatrical shows around Los Angeles. In the early 1990's he collaborated with a few interesting groups ie. The poet pop group Sandbox with Jack Brewer (of Saccharine Trust) and Louise Bialik (17 Pygmies) and later the group Rex Voto which included Pascel Humbert of 16 Horsepower and the singer/actress Esther Balant from Jim Jarmusch's movie "Stranger Than Paradise". Unfortunately no recordings have been released from these last 2 bands.

Robert studied music composition and arranging at LACC from 1992 to 1994 at which time he started collaborating with the instrumental group Scenic (with Bruce Licher of Savage Republic). Loveless toured and made a number of recordings with Scenic in the mid to late 1990's up to 2003.

In November 2002 Loveless performed with Savage Republic on a reunion tour to promote Mobilization Records' 5 CD re-release of all of Savage Republic's 1980's recordings.

Janet Klein and Robert first met in the fall of 1980 as new UCLA art students. They quickly became good friends sharing many interests along with a mutual attraction for certain older performers and styles of music. In 1995-6 when Ms. Klein began singing pre 1940's jazz tunes with her ukulele during poetry performances Rob noticed her charmingly unique singing style and musicality. They started recording in 1997 on a 4-track cassette recorder but soon graduated to more serious recording as her vivacious talent and repertoire quickly blossomed. 1998 Janet released her first heart felt CD, Come Into My Parlor. Its 26 songs were performed mostly solo with her ukulele and include some accompaniment by Robert and the great early jazz style guitarist John Reynolds. Soon after making this CD Janet attracted other wonderful 1920's and 30's jazz musicians to form her band Janet Klein And Her Parlor Boys, which included members of the group Robert Crumb's Cheap Suit Serenaders as well as composer, writer and historian Ian Whitcomb (from 1960's pop fame).

All of Janet's subsequent CDs (8 in all as of 2015) have been produced by Robert who also helps with band management, LLC label management, design and photography of the CDs. Besides music, Robert is involved in painting and drawing and some of his work can be viewed on the Gallery Page at Janet's web site.
-Updated January 2016

Discography EPs and LPs (Extended and Long Play)

2015 It's The Girl CD LP by Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys (Coeur de Jeanette) Producer & photography
2015 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm by Yoko Takahashi 6 song EP Co-producer
2010 Whoopee Hey! Hey! CD by Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys (Coeur de Jeanette) Producer, musician & photography
2009 Lowdown Man CD LP by Dutch Newman and His Musical Melodians Mixer
2008 Ready For You CD LP by Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys (Coeur de Jeanette) Producer
2006 Oh! CD LP by Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys (Coeur de Jeanette) Producer & musician 2004 Scandals CD LP by Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys (Coeur de Jeanette) Producer, photography
2002 The Acid Gospel Experience CD by Scenic, (Parasol/IPR) Composer, musician & co-producer
2002 Put A Flavor To Love CD by Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys (Coeur de Jeanette) Producer
2000 Spheres EP by Scenic (IPR) Composer, musician & co-producer
2000 Paradise Wobble LP CD by Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys (Coeur de Jeanette) Producer & photography
1998 Come Into My Parlor LP CD by Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys (Coeur de Jeanette) Producer, musician and photography
1996 Aquatica LP vinyl and CD Scenic (World Dom./IPR) Composer, musician
1995 Incident at Cima LP vinyl and CD by Scenic, (IPR) Composer, musician
1991 Missyfish LP vinyl and CD by 17 Pygmies (EFA) Re-release of EP 1982 'Hatikva' Plus 6 unreleased songs recorded in 1987-8. Composer, musician and co-producer
1988 Welcome vinyl and CD by 17 Pygmies (ISLAND/GREAT JONES) Composer, co-producer, musician and album design
1986 Ceremonial LP vinyl & CD by Savage Republic (IPR/Sweet Beat) Composer, musician and co-producer
1985 Captured In Ice LP vinyl by 17 Pygmies (Resistance Records) Composer and co-producer
1985 City of Refuge LP vinyl by Mat Matsuda & Paniolo (Resistance Records) Musician
1984 Jedda By The Sea LP vinyl with hand-tinted labels by 17 Pygmies (Resistance Records) Composer, musician and co-producer
1983 Hatikva EP with hand-tinted covers and labels - vinyl by 17 Pygmies (Resistance Records) Composer, musician and cover designer

Singles, Compilations, Live Recordings, Guest Spots & Other Releases

2014 Super Mario Bros. 2 song vinyl single (Moga Records) Mixer & production assistance
2002 Acid Gospel CD by Scenic similar to 2002 Parasol Release with some different song versions (Emigre Magazine/IPR)
2002 Folknik by Bob Moss, guest musician on 3 songs
2002 Savage Box Set re-release of Savage Republic's 1980's recordings (Mobilization Records)
2002 Currents and Directions compilation CD with one song by Scenic (Meridien)
2002 Savage Republic Live Recordings CD recorded 1981-83 (IPR)
1998 Hatikva/Jedda by The Sea re-release of 1st 2 vinyl 17 Pygmies's recordings (Lazy Dog, Italy)
1997 Slashed with Many a Speck compilation CD Scenic (Dewdrops)
1997 Slow Death in the Metronome Factory compilation CD Scenic (WDM)
1997 Brine The Anti-Surf Soundtrack compilation CD Scenic (Beach Records)
1996 Sage/Another Way 2 Unique songs from Scenic 7" vinyl and CD (IPR)
1996 Scenic/Lanturna Live performances 1995. 7" vinyl and CD (IPR)
1994 The Kelso Run 3 song 7" vinyl by Scenic (IPR)
1992 Savage Republic Live Recordings vinyl recorded 1981-1983 (IPR)
1990 Viva LA 2 compilation 1 song by 17 Pygmies (Viva Records, Italy)
1988 Hatikva re-release plus 2 unreleased 1987 songs by 17 Pygmies (Nate Starkman and Son)
1987 Live Trek Live performances from 1985-6 of Savage Republic (IPR)
1986 Viva Los Angeles compilation with one song by 17 Pygmies (Viva Records, Italy)
1984 Radio Tokyo Tapes vol. 2 compilation with one song by 17 Pygmies (Earmovie)
1983 Film Noir/O Andonis 7" Single plus on Tragic Figures LP by Savage Republic (IPR)

Play and Dance Scores

1992 Owa Tafu Lyam Dance choreographed by Greg Gibbs
1990 Mud Pies Dance choreographed by Steven Craig
1989 The World Is Permeated By The Odor Of Peanuts Play written and directed by Charles Schneider

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